600g / 509ml Pro Pipe Freezer Can
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600g Pro Pipe Freezer Can

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Product Information

The professionals' choice for pipe freezing, our new formulation Arctic Professional Spray Pipe Freezer in a 600g canister. Suitable for use on jobs where you need to work without switching off the mains or draining the system down. Freeze pipes with confidence and be in control. Requires VPOL brass connector (sold separately).

Suitable for use with all Arctic Spray Pro Freeze Kits.

  • Fastest pipe freeze on the market - as little as 90 seconds
  • Up to 6 freezes per 600g can (dependent on pipe material and size)
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Portable
  • Non-flammable
  • For use with all Arctic Hayes Pro kits
  • NOTE: empty ZEP1 can with brass valve weighs approx 250g

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