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Welcome to the Arctic Hayes Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Access Panels


A simple, low cost, high quality solution to provide protected opening in ceilings and walls for access to building engineering services.

General Usage
Are the access panels clinically rated?
No, we do fire-rated access panels but they are not clinically rated.
What glue is to be used with the access panels?
Any builders adhesive glue can be used on the access panels.
Are the access panels air tight?
The standard access panels (APS) are not air tight, the fire rated access panels (FRPS) are.
Product Details
What colour are the access panels?
The access panels are designed to be painted so are off white, they are not brilliant white.
What size are the access panels?
The size stated in the catalogue is the door size/size of hole that will need to be cut. The actual outer dimensions are:
  • APS100 – 180mm x 130mm
  • APS150 – 190mm x 270mm
  • APS200 – 240mm x 240mm
  • APS300 – 360mm x 360mm
  • APS350 – 410mm x 410mm
  • APS560 – 610mm x 600mm

Aerosols & Grease


Our full range of aerosol and grease products has everything you need; from leak detection fluid to silicone greases, maintenance spray to air duster, and specialist products like high-temperature paints.

General Usage
Can the silicone grease be used on gas?
It is not designed for gas but can be used. The gas cock grease (665014) is designed to be used on gas.
Can Crack-It (CI/400) be used to release a seized up stop tap?
Yes, it can be used for this.
Can the silicone grease be used on a plastic "Push Fit" fitting for pipework?
Yes, the silicone grease can be used as it is WRAS approved.
Can PH021 be used on refrigerant gases?
No, PH021 cannot be used for this as the solution is too thin. PH026T would be recommended as it has a thicker solution.
Product Details
The leak detection fluid is a different colour than the last bottle purchased?
The colour of the fluid can change from batch to batch, it is the colour additives in the formula and this is not an issue with the product. The colour of the fluid can also change if the product has been frozen and de-frosted. This will not alter the effectiveness.
Can PH020 be used on natural gases?
Yes, the PH020 Leak detector can be used on natural gas and LPG Gas.

CO & Smoke Alarms


Essential protection against the dangers of carbon monoxide and smoke.

General Usage
Can silicone set the Carbon Monoxide Alarm (COA2) alarm off?
Yes, most aerosols and greases can set the alarm off including detergent, paint & hairspray.
Can the Carbon Monoxide Alarm (COA2) be used for industrial purposes?
Yes, the COA2 can be used anywhere CO2 could be detected.
Product Details
Why isn’t there an expiry date on the Carbon Monoxide detector patches (PH019AC)?
The date is left blank as the end user should put the expiry date on the units themselves. The units work for 6 months once opened.
Is the Carbon Monoxide Alarm (COA2) tamper proof?
No, it is not classed as tamper proof but it is a sealed unit.
How long is the life of an SA1 smoke alarm?
The unit has a 3 year sensor, the power on the unit will depend on the type of battery used within the unit.
Does the PH043A Smoke Alarm Tester emit smoke when spraying the can?
No, the product in the can atomises a solvent that simulates smoke to the sensor.
Why does the Carbon Monoxide Tester Canister feel light?
Carbon monoxide is a weightless gas, and our canisters use compressed air to emit the gas during testing, so the canister may feel light or empty when you receive it.

To check the contents of the canister, perform a carbon monoxide test. Place the carbon monoxide alarm in a bag and place the tip of the straw in the bag opening or create a small hole. Ensure the area around the hole/opening is sealed tight. Spray for approximately 3 seconds - the bag should inflate upon application. Wait 90 seconds for the alarm to sound before removing the straw and bag.

Asset & Floor Protection


Keep carpets, floors and furniture protected from spills and damage with our range of premium mats, sheets and runners.

General Usage
Can the self adhesive Carpet Protector be used on vinyl flooring?
No, this product can only be used on carpet. A test must be done on a strip of carpet before intended use.
Product Details
What is the thickness of SP1 (Surface Protector)?
The thickness of SP1 is approximately 2-3mm

Fittings & Washers


A collection of essential washers and fittings. Our range includes nitrile, fibre and assorted washer boxes, imperial and metric washer kits, Split Klick washers and assorted fittings.

Product Details
Are the sizes stated on the website and in the catalogue the exact size of the washers?
The size stated is the size of fitting the washer would fit on, not the external washer diameter. E.g. W8 (1/2 in Fibre Pillar Tap Washer) 1 ½” Outside diameter, ¾” inside diameter.

Pipe Freezing


Arctic Hayes Pipe Freeze products enable repairs and maintenance of pipework without the need to drain down the whole system, saving time and money.

General Usage
How do you know when enough product has been used and the pipe has frozen?
You will hear a click when the ice plug has formed and reached the pipe wall. The release of refrigerant should be continued for 30 seconds after this click to ensure the plug has formed along the length of the pipe. There will also be visible frost on the jacket.
How many freezes can you get from a can of ZE1/ZE2?
It depends on the conditions in the room and size of the pipe. However, normally ZE1 can complete 1 x 8-15mm freezes and ZE2 can complete 2 x 8-15mm freezes or 1 x 28mm freeze. For any more information please see the freezing guide on the can.
Will the pipe freezing cans work if the can is tilted?
Yes, the cans will work if tilted but will not work if the can is upside down.
Will the pipe freezing kits freeze a 15mm hot water pipe? The water cannot be stopped and the temperature is 40 degrees.
No, all running water needs to be stopped. Turn water off at the mains or ensure there is no running water in the building. The pipe will not freeze if there is any running water. It will freeze hot water, but this will take more time than freezing cold water.
Can a soldered joint be affected by freezing the pipe?
Freezing a soldered joint wouldn’t have any affect unless the joint has pre-existing damage.
The stop tap/ valve isn’t 50cm away from the jacket, will this affect the freezing process?
Ideally the jacket needs to be at least 50cm/ 18” away from a valve/ stop tap. If this is not possible the valve needs to be open so the pressure can escape. If the valve is closed/ cannot be opened this can cause the pipe to split.
Can pipes be frozen if there is anti-freeze in the system?
Yes, the pipe can be frozen but it will take more product and time to freeze.
What temperature do the disposable kits go down to?
The flash off temperature is approximately -50 degrees but the stabilised temperature is around -30 degrees.
Do the freezing jackets have a limited number of uses?
The AERO jacket (ASM01) is disposable and designed for a single use. The PRO jackets (MUFF) have no limited number of uses.
Can you freeze a pipe if it is attached to a wall?
Yes, as long as the jacket can be placed around the whole of the pipe the freeze will work.
Product Details
Can ZE1 & ZE2 freeze Steel, Plastic & Iron pipes?
Freezing guidelines are for copper pipes. Any other type of pipe will need at least 25% more product and time (depending on conditions). Our refrigerant will not freeze Polybutylene pipes.
What is the product weight of ZE1?
ZE1 has a fill of 150ml. The empty can weighs 101g, the product weighs 176g. The total weight of ZE1 is 277g.
What is the product weight of ZE2?
ZE2 has a fill of 300ml. The empty can weighs 125g, the product weighs 356g. The total weight of ZE2 is 481g.
What is the weight of ZEP1?
A full can of ZEP1 weighs approximately 840/850g. An empty can weighs approximately 240/250g. The average fill fluid/gas volume is 600g.
What is the shelf life for ZE1, ZE2 & ZEP1?
All three products have a shelf life of 2 years, if stored and used correctly.
Are you able to purchase spare washers for the VPOL?
Yes, our product code is VSK.
The pipe freezing instructions state that the jackets are different colours but are all blue?
The outside of the jackets are blue, the Velcro on the inside is coloured.
Does the ZECOM kit come with 3 pieces of nylon tube? The image on the instructions shows three pieces.
No, the kit comes with two pieces of nylon tube (NTB04). This is designed to be cut if required.

Servicing Tools


The essential hand tools that no heating and plumbing engineer should be without. Servicing hand tools for a variety of jobs, from our new pipe cutters and slices to screwdrivers and quad-key tools.

Product Details
How do you use the U Flow (888000)?
Run water through the top of the flow cup, the reading is where the constant flow of water starts.
What is the tolerance for readings on the U-Flow (888000)?
The tolerance for 888000 is +/- 5%.
What is the voltage for the 664015-BG Continuity Bond?
664015-BG has a voltage of 250V.

Smoke Products


Smoke products are a vital tool within the heating and ventilation industries. From spillage testing on gas appliances to flue clearance on fire-places and stoves, there is a smoke product designed to meet your needs.

General Usage
Can Smoke Pellets set off a heat sensor?
No, there isn’t enough heat omitted from a Smoke Pellet to set off a heat sensor. However, they can set off smoke alarms.
Are the Smoke Pellets meant to pop?
They can pop if there are air bubbles trapped in the product. This is not a fault.
Can the coloured Smoke Pellets be used on an irrigation system?
No, they are not suitable for use on an irrigation system.
Can lighted Smoke Pellets be used on their side, or just upright?
They can be used on their side but may not have the same burn effect and leave some product behind.
Are Smoke Pellets toxic?
Smoke Pellets are non-toxic but are an irritant. It is not advised you stay in the room when they are in use as they may cause your eyes to itch.
Can Smoke Pellets be used on animals e.g. moles, bees & pigeons?
Smoke Pellets have not been designed or tested for this purpose, they are meant for testing flues.
Does the Smoke Alarm need to be switched off when using a Smoke Pen?
Smoke Pens can set off smoke alarms so we recommend switching them off before use.
Product Details
How do you insert the refill stick into the Smoke Pens?
Hold the silver button at the top of the pen and push the refill stick in.

Soldering & Brazing


Top-quality soldering and brazing products; from our Vortex range of brazing torches and gas to kit-bags and soldering mats.

General Usage
Can a different brand of gas be used with Arctic Hayes VT torches?
Our torches have only been tested with our gas (VG1/ VG2). We wouldn’t recommend using any other brand with the torches.
Can the gas canister be disconnected from the torch when it is still full?
Yes, the gas canisters have a stopper so gas will not escape once disconnected. You need to unscrew the can, it may make a hissing sound but this is normal.
Can VG1 MAP-X Gas been used on Platinum?
Our gas has not been tested on platinum. Our gas can burn up to 1,300 degrees, the melting point of platinum is 1,770 degrees. Depending on the burning apparatus used, platinum could reach melting point. Both our Propane and Map-X gases have been tested for use on plumbing products which have a much lower melting point.
Can VG1/ VG2 gas canisters be disposed of with general waste?
The canisters can be disposed of with general waste if the valve is removed. If the valve is not removed the canisters would need to go to a local waste disposal site.
What is the product weight of VG1/VG2?
VG1 - The product weighs 450g, the total weight is 892g VG2 - The product weighs 400g, the total weight is 842g
What temperatures do the VG1 & VG2 gas burn?
VG1 can burn up to 1300 degrees. VG2 can burn up to 1100 degrees.

Testing Equipment


For all your gas, pressure, temperature, and electrical testing needs.

Product Details
Does the testing equipment come with a calibration certificate?
No, the units do not come with a calibration certificate as they have a 12 month manufacturer's warranty, calibrations are not required until the units are 1 year old.

Heating Appliances


Hot products for the coldest months of the year.

Product details
Do the 998730 (2KW Convector Heaters) come with wall brackets?
No, the convector heaters no longer come with wall brackets due to a change in regulation. Wall mounted heaters are required to be hard wired, our convector heaters are portable units.
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