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Smoke Products

Smoke products are a vital tool in the heating and ventilation industry. Choose from our wide range of smoke products, including everything from smoke matches and plumbing smoke bomb pellets & cartridges to smoke sticks, and our patented powder smoke.

Browse our full range of smoke testing products. Whatever the job, we have a smoke product designed to meet your needs!

Which smoke product should I use?

Use high-quality Arctic Hayes flameless smoke products for flue clearances, spillage tests, ventilation checks and more.

  • Smoke Matches: Ideal for small indoor testing in calm conditions. Use these smoke products for testing kitchen range-hoods, initial flue draw testing, negative pressure and draught testing on doors.

  • Pellets and cartridges (also known as Plumbing Smoke Bombs): Ideal for a range of flue spillage tests, pipeline testing and more. These smoke products have variable smoke volume, burn time and smoke colour. Use smoke bomb pellets for stove flue testing, ventilation system checks, air flow visualisation and fire drill practices.

  • Smoke sticks: Specifically designed for mandatory spillage checks of boiler case spills after re-fitting. Ideal for testing for the slightest air movement and gas spillage because of their pencil-thin smoke pattern and stop-start use up to 3 hours.

  • Powder smoke: A patented smoke product innovation, exclusive to Arctic Hayes. FP Powder Smoke is perfect for those scenarios where a flame cannot be used. Use this flame-free smoke bomb for gas leakage tests, draught detection or negative pressure tests around doors.

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