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Smoke Products

Smoke products are a vital tool within the heating and ventilation industries. Used for spillage testing for gas appliances, ventilation checks for range-hoods, flue clearance on fire-places and stoves and spillage tests for pipe systems, whatever the job, there is a smoke product designed to meet your needs.

Which smoke product should I use?

  • Matches: Ideal for small indoor testing in calm conditions; i.e. testing kitchen range-hoods, initial flue draw testing, negative pressure and draught testing on doors.

  • Pellets and cartridges: Variable smoke volume, burn time and smoke colour make these ideal for a range of flue and pipeline testing and more; i.e. stove flue testing, ventilation system checks, air flow visualisation, fire drill practice.

  • Smoke sticks: Pencil-thin smoke pattern and stop-start use up to 3 hours, smoke sticks are specially designed for mandatory spillage checks of boiler case spills after re-fitting, ideal for testing for the slightest air movement and gas spillage.

  • Powder smoke: A patented and exclusive to Arctic Hayes product, FP smoke is perfect for those scenarios where an flame cannot be used; i.e. gas leakage tests, draught detection or negative pressure test around a door.

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