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Pipe Freezing

Pipe Freezing

Pipe freezing kits enable repairs and maintenance of pipework, without the need to drain down the whole system. Our range of pipe freeze kits are ideal for plumbing and pipework installations with minimum disruption, saving time and money!

Why Choose Pipe Freezing Kits?

  • Quick and Easy: reduces job time by 85% on average (based on a 2 hour drain down and refill).

  • Minimum Disruption: no need to locate stop-cock or service valves.

  • Low-risk: reduces potential for water spillage and property damage.

Browse our full range of pipe freezing kits.

Pipe Freezing

Which Pipe Freeze Kit Should I Use?

  • Aero Disposable DIY Freeze Kits: Ideal for competent DIYers and small jobs around the home. These disposable pipe freeze sprays contain enough refrigerant to perform one to two small freezes. Use freezing spray for basic plumbing jobs, for example, when changing a radiator valve, replacing a stopcock or other service valve.

  • Professional Pipe Freezing Kits: Designed for plumbers and engineers who carry out regular pipework repairs and maintenance. Our pro range of plumbing freeze kits includes extra features, such as re-usable components and dual freeze options.

  • Electric Pipe Freezing Machines: Perfect for when you have a lot of pipe freeze work and is suited to construction and industrial sites. Our electrical powered pipe freeze kits supply long-lasting freeze time and indefinite freeze with continuous power supply. Ideal for major plumbing repairs, such as deluge or sprinkler system repairs.

Pipe Freezing
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