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Map-X Brazing Torch Pack

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Product Information

Be ready for any plumbing job with this 3-burner gift box set. Our top-selling VT3 brazing torch, a canister of propane gas and three burner heads to suit different plumbing jobs. Don't be caught out by jobs requiring a different flame type - this box has you covered.

Kit Contains

  • 1 x Vortex VT3 brazing torch
  • 1 x Vortex Map-X Gas 400g
  • 1x Super Cyclone Vortex burner tube - general purpose work
  • 1x Cyclone burner tube - more concentrated, high temperature work
  • 1x Fine-flame burner tube - designed for precision work such as soldering lead flashing

Product Reviews

Lack of Instructions.

Very nice kit ..let down by lack of full safe easily read* operation information. Yes i know it is a blow torch and most people who use such tools would work out what the sliver lock button and the red plastic slide lock control do in about 20seconds...but to people who have never used such tools ?....which of the 3 burner tubes is which?...why does one burner tube have a brass knurled grip on it, is it some sort of adjuster?..(no it is not)......etc *MICRO* printed information on side of torch handle informs of safe use and gas purging. Quote it also states "Carefully read all safety and operating instructions before use" Every one of our several lathes and mills came with operating instructions...why not an expensive quality tool like this? and no..web site offers no help either.

Instructions are included.

Nice bit of kit, I've just unpacked mine. Initially I couldn't find the instructions but they are a small easily overlooked leaflet and mine was hiding under the gas cylinder, so I searched the web ... it might be nice if the instructions could also be downloaded from the AH website? The 3 nozzles are ... VT2A (Vortex Flame) standard burner, brass/stainless end. VT2B (Cyclone Flame) more concentrsated higher temp flame than the above, this is the knurled burner. VT2C (Fine Flame) highly concentrated precision heat, smooth brass end.

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