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How To use pipe freezing kits
Posted on February 14, 2020

Save up to 85% on time with our pipe freeze range!

Pipe freezing kits make pipework repair and maintenance a doddle without needing to drain down entire systems.

You can save up to 85% on time and save money with minimum disruption and reduce the potential of water spillage and property damage.

Some people may prefer to use a method they are comfortable with – typically draining down – but this method can take hours, and in some circumstances cannot be used to carry out pipework at all.

Freeze with confidence with our handy blog on pipe freeze!

Which Pipe Freeze Kit Should I Use?

Aero Disposable Freeze Kits

Looking to do-it-yourself or working on a one-off small job? Our Aero Disposable Freeze Kits offer enough refrigerant for 1-2 small pipe freezes, for example, when wanting to freeze a pipe to replace a valve.

Professional Pipe Freezing Kits

Easily one of the best time-savers for competent, professional traders. If you’re regularly draining down systems to repair and maintain pipes you need pro freeze! One canister typically provides 5-6 freezes – that's just around £6 per freeze.

Electric Pipe Freezing Machines

For when your pipework projects require more than pro freezing, our Electric Kits are perfect for commercial and industrial applications. Get an indefinite freeze with a continuous power supply.

How to use pipe freeze spray and pipe freezing kits

Watch our quick 3-minute instructional video on how to use pipe freeze spray and pipe freezing kits, or follow the instructions below:

  1. Check you have all the equipment you need before commencing any repair work, a typical kit should include:
    • Pipe freezing jacket – two if you plan to do a dual freeze
    • Pipe freeze spray – one can of Aero Freeze will sufficiently freeze 1 8-15mm copper pipe
    • Nylon tubing – two for dual freezes
    • Connector (for dual freeze only)
    • Canister valve and dosing scale (for use with pro kits)
  2. Ensure you have enough product to commence the freeze – use a dosing scale if using our pro kits.
  3. Attach the jacket to the pipe, ensuring a snug fit all the way around. Tighten the cords on the jacket.
  4. Attach the nylon tubing to the jacket and the canister.
  5. Slowly apply the freeze by either pressing down on the Aero canister or turning the valve three-quarters – freeze spray will leak from the jacket if you are using too much product.
  6. After approximately 2-3 minutes (times vary depending on the size and type of pipe) you will hear a click. Frost will also form on the jacket.
  7. Continue to spray the product for 30 seconds to ensure the ice plug has formed along the length of the pipe.
  8. Carry out the repair work with confidence and ease!


Will pipe freeze work on a dripping or leaking pipe?
Leaking or dripping pipes will not freeze – the water needs to be completely still in the pipe for freeze spray to work effectively.

How do I know if I’m using too much refrigerant?
Slowly spraying the product into the jacket will provide effective pipe freezing. If you spray too quickly some product will start to leak out of the jacket and will use up more product than is needed. Our Pro kits come with a dosing scale (also sold separately) for our pro spray to give you accurate visualisation on how much product is left in the can.

How do I know when the pipe has frozen?
When the ice plug has formed you will hear a click and there will be frost on the jacket. Continue spraying the freeze for 30 seconds to ensure the plug has formed along the length of the pipe.

How many freezes does one canister provide?
This depends on the size and type of pipe you are using – a steel pipe will need more refrigerant, for example – normally, our Aero Disposable Freeze Spray can freeze 1 8-15mm copper pipe. Our Pro Freeze Spray can freeze 6 times this – making it an average of just £6 per freeze.

Do you offer pipe freeze products for larger projects or thicker pipes?
For large commercial projects requiring a lot of repair, or for thicker pipes, we offer Electric Pipe Freezing Kits.

If you’re still unsure what type of freeze product is right for you, contact our sales team on 0113 271 5245, send us a message on our Facebook page, or read more FAQs.

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