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Which Pipes Can You Freeze?
Posted on 23rd March 2022
A Marathon of Mammoth Support

Arctic Hayes Pipe Freezing Kits let you carry out repairs and maintenance of pipework without the need to drain down the whole system or switch off the mains. They are ideal for plumbing and pipework installations with minimum disruption, saving you time and money!

Lets take a look at the most common pipe materials you will encounter when carrying out repairs.

Copper is unquestionable the premium choice, simply because it has such a long and proven history. Copper piping has been used for 80 years - and many of the original lines are still going strong.

The larger the pipe diameter, the more Pipe Freezer you will need. For example, normally a ZE1 can from our disposable kit can complete 1 x 8-15mm freezes, whereas the ZE2 can complete 2 x 8-15mm freezes or 1 x 28mm.

The freezing guidelines you see on our Pipe Freezer kits are for copper pipes. Any other type of pipe will need at least 25% more product and time (depending on conditions).

Another common pipe you might need to freeze is a steel pipe like this one. These pipes are understanding strong, but they are no longer used much at all.

Lead piping was the material of choice for plumbing pipes until World War II. However, as the understanding of lead poisoning increased, the popularity of lead piping fell off.

You may still encounter lead when working however, and you can still freeze these pipes if you need to carry out repairs, maintenance or even replacements.

Iron used to be a common piping material for drainage systems, particularly in the first half of the twentieth century, and it can still be found in many homes today. Iron is extremely strong, durable and heavy . It also reduces sound and is heat-resistant. However, it does suffer from rust so is no longer used today.

Plastic is a popular material for pipes as it offers a range of benefits, such as being resistant to corrosion or rust and its lower cost. Plastic is also very long-lasting and really easy to use.

Less common types of pipes you may want to freeze include 'Barrier-Pipe', which has multi-layer construction and is sometimes used in domestic heating and plumbing installations. These can still be frozen, but requires more refrigerant than other pipe types.

Our refrigerant even works on Polybutylene pipes.

We supply a range of Pipe Freeze solutions, from single use DIY Aero Kits to Professional and Electric Kits. To find out which Pipe Freeze product is right for you, try out our freeze selector tool here!

Which Pipes Can You Freeze?
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