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Smoke Cartridges & Pellets

Variable smoke volume, burn time and smoke colour make our smoke cartridges and smoke test pellets ideal for a wide range of safety tests. Encapsulated pellets are easy to light, with an easy-grip finger base and produce a greater volume of smoke than regular pellets and cartridges.

Browse our full range of smoke cartridges and buy smoke pellets online.

Benefits of Smoke Pellets

  • Variable smoke volume: encapsulated pellets produce the greatest smoke volume, for large industrial smoke testing.
  • Variable burn time: suits a range of tasks.
  • Range of smoke colours: choose from white or orange smoke for high visibility.
  • Easy to light: with matches or a flame lighter.
  • Easy to grip: encapsulated pellets feature an ergonomic finger base.

Choose from a range of cartridges and pellets to carry out stove flue testing, ventilation system checks, air flow visualisation or for fire drill practices. Smoke cartridges can also be used to create non-toxic visual effects for photography and filming.

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