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The Oil and Gas industry operate in a broad range of harsh working environments. Equipment failure and unplanned downtime can be measured in millions of pounds or can even endanger lives. Oil and Gas operators need a partner they can rely on to provide innovative, proven solutions for their everyday needs.

The use of deluge systems is standard practice within the offshore Oil industry where safety is paramount. Arctic Hayes was therefore asked to help find a solution to assist their maintenance teams with a method of isolating the system for maintenance work. The prime target was to help keep the deluge system in perfect working order without the need for expensive downtime.

The Polar Technical Kit; is a salt-water deluge system pipe freeze kit introduced by our development team in 2015. Polar Technical is a freeze kit specially designed for high-pressure deluge systems; easy to use, lightweight, portable and reusable. The Polar Technical Kit allows for vertical and horizontal freezing and is currently being used on offshore platforms.  The Polar Technical Kit saves valuable time and reduces costs.

As part of the Polar Technical Partnership, we offer consultation and full training for rig service teams. If you would you like to know more about The Polar Technical Kit then, please contact us directly below.

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