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Would freezing a pipe effect a soldered joint? Wouldn’t have any effect unless joint is damaged
The stop tap isnt 50cm away from jacket, will it still work? If closer than 50cm away, the valve needs to be opened so the pressure can escape. if the valve is closed the water pressure could cause the pipe to split
Can the freezing jackets be cut? The asm01 jackets can be cut down, the muff's cannot
Will as1/as2 freeze steel/iron/plastic pipes? as1/as2 will freeze most types of pipes but you will need to add at least 25% more product & time. best using more than one can of product or pg01. will not freeze polybutelene pipe
Will as2 freeze 3/4" steel pipe? Use either an ask2 & as1 or 1 x pssolo kit
Do we do spare washers for the vpol? Yes, our code is vsk.
What is the length of the elite820 jacket? 120mm /4 3/4" long
What is the length and outside diameter of muff2? Approx 14cm in length & 6cm in diameter
Will arctic pipe freezer work if the can is tilted? Will work if tilted but wont work if can is upside down
The pipe freezing instructions say the muff jackets are different colours but are all blue? The jackets are blue, the velcro on the inside is different coloured
Will pipe freeze a 15mm hot water pipe, temp is 40 degrees? water cannot be stopped No, pipe wont freeze if there is running water. 
Will pipe freeze if the water is not switched off at mains Water does not need to be switched off at mains but there must be no running water at all
How do you know when pipe has freezed? The jacket will click when enough product has been used, will also see frost on jacket
Does the pscom kit come with 3 pieces of nylon tube as per the image on instructions No, comes with two pieces of tube (ntb04), they are designed to be cut if required. 
Can a 20 year old electric freeze machine be re gassed.  No, machines made before 2008 cannot be regassed. see electric kits sheet for information on what can be regassed
Where will be batch numbers on as1/as2 cans They will be on top of can for aztec brand, bottom of can for rebrook. we havent had rebrook cans for over 18months so out of warranty
How many freezes in a pg01 can? Up to 7, depends on size of pipe and conditions in room
Do the freezing jackets have a limited number of uses? The asm01 jackets are disposable and meant for one use only. the muff jackets have no limited number of uses.
Can pipes be freezed when anti freeze is in system? Yes, takes more product and time to freeze


Does the smoke alarm need to be switched off when using a smoke pen? It can set smoke alarms off so best switching off if you don’t want alarm sounding
Can smoke pellets be used on animals, e.g: moles, bee's, pigeons Smoke pellets are not meant for this purpose, meant for testing flues. our products have not been tested for this use but are not harmful
Are smoke pellets toxic? They are an irritant, not toxic. not advised you stand in a room with the smoke but wont harm you. may just make your eyes itch
Will the smoke pellets set off a heat sensor? No, there is not enough heat from pellets to set off a heat sensor. however, they would set a smoke sensor off
How do you put a refill stick in the smoke stick pens? Hold the silver bit on top of the pen and push the refill in
Are the smoke pellets meant to pop? Yes, it is just air bubbles trapped between the pellet. not an issue with the product
How do you light an encapsulated smoke pellet? Light the product inside, not the plastic encapsulating the pellet


Does the leak detection fluid have a shelf life? No, doesn’t have a shelf life
Leak detector is different colour than last bottle Colours can change from batch to batch, it is just the colour additives in the formula.  colour can also change if the product has frozen and been defrosted
Can our silicone grease be used on a plastic push fit fitting for pipework? Yes, wras aprroved 
Will crack it release a ciezed up stop tap? Yes


Do units come with a calibration certificate? No, they do not come with a calibration certificate. Units come with a 12 month guarantee so calibration is not required until it is 1 year old. We can provide a letter of conformity if we have model number, product description & serial number.